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The tiny Mustard Seed…

Your donation no matter what size, like a mustard seed will grow into a great mustard tree from which the birds of the air may take rest and shelter in her branches.  Please, join SICA Foundation in helping to grow this tree of spiritual, physical, and cultural nourishment.

SICA Foundation allows an individual to donate to one charity, and have that donation reach out to many charities.  Say you want to donate $100 to charity, but you want to support several charities.  Rather than sending a check for $25 to four charities, and taking the time to research four different charities, SICA Foundation provides a vehicle by which you can donate to one charity you believe in, SICA Foundation, who will in turn help other charities.

SICA Foundationʻs board of directors will then spend the time to research worthy causes and accept grant proposals from numerous charities that support the charitable goals of SICA Foundation.   SICA Foundation will then combine your donation with otherʻs donations, allowing you to turn your one talent into many more talents by combining your donation with others.  This charitable giving creates an economy of scale in which SICA Foundation can multiply your single donation and touch more charities than you might be able to reach individually.

…grows into the Largest of Trees.

Start your mustard seed growing today, and support SICA Foundation.

SICA Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code and all donations to SICA Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.