St.’s Seraphim Innocent Columcille Andrew Foundation

St.’s Seraphim Innocent Columcille Andrew Foundation (SICA Foundation) is a charitable foundation organized to provide for charitable purposes. The name of the SICA Foundation is an acronym composed of the names of four Orthodox Christian Saints from various centuries, regions, and backgrounds, who were chosen because of the great missionary zeal and love for fellow man that each exemplified: St. Seraphim, St. Innocent, St. Columcille, and St. Andrew. Together the acronym forms the word “SICA” which is a Greek word for “fig”, and like the nourishing fig fruit, SICA Foundation is to provide succour and nourishment to those in need, both spiritually and physically.

Mission Statement: M3 : Missions ~ Monasticism ~ Mana





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Fresco Sgraffito class for boys at St. Innocent Orphanage


Now Enrolling (workshops & apprenticeships):

Saints Herman of Alaska and Peter the Aleut Fresco: November, 2017 – January, 2018

Saints Innocent of Alaska and Jacob Nesvetov Fresco: February, 2018 – April, 2018