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You made it here, great!

Now, submit your info/registration fee and we will create your “Project” – a personalized crowdfunding campaign (SICA CrowdAid®) to fund your tuition costs at SICA Sponsored Programs, the Fresco School or other participating Cultural Arts Program of your choice.

With a click of a button you will be able to share your Project (Fundraising Campaign) on social media, embed it on your website just like you do with the youtube video and/or send the link to it in email (Click for How-to Page), . The money will go directly to SICA Foundation, and once the Goal is reached SICA Foundation will forward the payment to the receiving Cultural Arts Program!

There is one-time per-project SICA CrowdAid Setup Fee which will cover creating of your Project’s Page (Click for Sample Project Page), its maintenance and updates. Once we receive the payment our representative will contact you to setup your campaign.

Payment Confirmation SICA CrowdAid - Setup Fee (IND) $35.00
This is a one time payment. You will be charged immediately.

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